Stance on Major Issues


Everyone should have access to a job that pays them well and expands their skills. I will lead efforts to bring new jobs to the 30th AD by expanding existing job-creation programs and investing in the infrastructure improvements that will attract new businesses to our area. By expanding high-quality broadband communication services throughout the district, we’ll be able to attract clean energy and tech jobs and improve the competitiveness of existing businesses.


Our roads are in desperate need of maintenance. Traffic congestion is a daily headache for many residents of the 30th AD. To protect our quality of life and reduce pollution, we need urgent solutions to our transportation problems. I’ll work with community leaders and my colleagues in Sacramento to secure additional funding for our district and speed up the pace of much-needed maintenance and repairs. We must think creatively about long-term solutions, including increased investments in public transportation.


Astronomical housing costs have made the dream of home ownership unaffordable for many residents of the 30th AD, and costs are rising every year. California must develop more affordable housing while preserving and rehabilitating our current supply. I strongly support increased housing density where appropriate. Higher density results in more affordable housing, creates a smaller footprint (which is better for the environment), and makes provision of public services more efficient.


As an educator, this issue is extremely important to me. We must do a better job of preparing our students for higher education, and for the job market. California must make a greater investment in public education and ensure that its curriculum is adequately preparing students for the challenges they will face in a rapidly changing economic landscape.


As residents of the 30th AD, we live in one of the most beautiful and diverse natural environments in the United States.  In the Assembly, I’ll be an advocate for renewable energy and environmental justice, and a fierce opponent of the special interests that damage our planet in the pursuit of profits.


Agriculture is a vital part of our heritage and our economy. I’ll make protecting the “Salad Bowl of the World” a top priority. I support efforts to preserve prime agricultural land and protect it from pollution. I also support the development of innovative farming products and techniques that both improve agricultural viability and protect our natural resources.


I believe access to quality health care is a fundamental right. No one should be forced to choose between paying for food or rent and taking a sick child to a doctor. As the world’s sixth largest economy, California should set the example for the rest of the country by leading the way in expanding public access to high-quality healthcare.